About the project

Two obvious ideas are the basis of cliWs. The first one — each person has unique interests. The second one — a person can't monitor all the information even within the single topic.

Each user of cliWs reads the news on own page which shows only his/her unique set of news channels. The page is available only for owner — we value the privacy.

As the person is not able to monitor all the sources of information even on the same topic, cliWs selects the most popular news for each topic every hour and informs the subscribers about them.

Fundamental difference from social networks is in the fact that at cliWs recommendations of news are based on their popularity among unfamilar people who share user's interests. At the social networks the user mainly receives news recommended by his/her friends to own friends but not to user personally.

Here we want to focus on a very important point. When a user subscribes to new topic other subscribers of the topic have become his invisible friends. Each user reads own news channels, but the user's clicks affect the overall rating of popularity for the topic. In other words, each user acts in their own interests but contributes to the overall benefit.

cliWs does not limit users to read only top news. Like in old good RSS-aggregators, a person can subscribe to all updates of the interested web-sites, niche blogs, local news, friend's feeds.

At cliWs information moves within groups of people united by common interests. Only on user's home page these different topic streams are combined into a general flow of news.

Grouping by channels within the general flow of news, helps you to keep attention focused. You will less likely switch from one to another context (when the news on different topics are following each other).

The general flow of news, in turn, makes the reading process as comfortable as possible, eliminating the need to make extra movements to see all the updates.

cliWs tries to save your time. By default on the homepage the user sees only channels with unread news. The human should not constantly check whether the web-site is updated — computer can do this work.

Try cliWs now and evaluate the level of perfection of this round of evolution of news.